The Strike on Life and Death

‘Staken op leven en dood’ reconstrueert de gebeurtenissen rond de April-meistakingen via een twintigtal verhalen die zich door heel Nederland hebben afgespeeld. Het zijn ontroerende en meespelende getuigenissen die de onwaarschijnlijke moed laten zien van honderdduizenden Nederlanders.

The do-it-yourself Dictatorship

Fidan Ekiz and Kees Schaap explore the question why people with dissenting opinions and deviant behavior are publicly condemned to exclusion. Is this of all times? Is there really a cancel culture, or is social media the culprit that polarizes our world?

Insurgents, season 3

Once more, Sophie Hilbrand uncovers the weak spots of local democracies as she reveals the stories of insurgents. To be aired in May 2021.

When are you coming back, Kees?

A Dutch filmmaker feels guilty about false hope he gave 31 years ago to a Palestinian family he filmed for his first film. After an unexpected voicemail he decides to go back to the West Bank, together with his son who also wants to make movies.

The fight for Istanbul

In the 2Doc: The fight for Istanbul, Fidan Ekiz follows ordinary citizens of the traditional neighborhood Uskudar and the modern neighborhood Kadikoy for a year. She sees how their lives are changing in the fight for the upcoming elections. Co-production with BNNVARA and VRT.

Insurgents, season 2

Sophie Hilbrand onderzoekt waarom burgers in opstand komen tegen lokaal bestuur. Dit seizoen in Almelo, Moordrecht, Bloemendaal, Enschede, Ermelo en Zaanstad.


Insurgents is a documentary series wherein Sophie Hilbrand investigates, in different neighborhoods, why normal civilians rise against there local, unfair, government. Episodes in Bergen, Loosdrecht, Veere and Duidorp (The Hague). BNNVARA 2019

Palestine does not exist

Four elderly Palestinians look back at their life, after they were forced to leave their homes during the Israeli war of independence in 1948. They ended up in The Netherlands where few people were interested in their story. Now, at old age, they have to accept the fact that their struggle has not led to recognition.

The Mosqueteers

In order to counter the negative feelings in dutch society, a group of volunteers from a mosque decide to bridge the gap.
A documentary about setbacks and hope.

On the Barricades

“Op de Barricade” is een prettig en invoelend documentaireprogramma waarin Fidan Ekiz buurtbewoners in Nederland helpt met hun strijd tegen groot en klein onrecht.

Reporters Against Power

Documentary series in 6 episodes, following Fidan Ekiz on her search for journalists that face great personal risks while working in countries where freedom of press is under pressure.


Quick Quick Slow

Dancing through life, even if life hurts. This is the subtext of a documentary in which we portray elderly people that experience the joy of life by dancing. Life has been hard on those people. Dancing seems to give them a silent language that allows them to share and overcome grief without words.


The first generation of heroin addicts in The Netherlands is always portrayed as a problem for society and for themselves. Although only few survivors still remain, their stories were hardly ever told from their own perspective. We will show who they are, what their dreams were, how their lives took its turn, and how their struggle to survive harmed their friendships, their need for love, and their self-esteem.