What we are

Episode One is a production platform, specialized in the development and creation of documentary films and documentary series with an emphasis on substance and journalism.

Our aim is to unite cinematography, story-telling and journalism, setting the bar as high as we possibly could.

We capture beautiful and epic stories of people who are trying to overcome the harsh reality they live in.

We seek truth, in the conviction that a better and fairer world is an attainable goal.

We always explore new and exciting forms of story-telling.

Our films and series are layered in their substance to encourage people to deepen their thought.

Episode One BV. was founded in May 2015 by Kees Schaap and Joanne Becker.

Episode One is a member of the NAPA (Nederlandse Audiovisuele Producenten).

Who we are
Kees 400

Kees Schaap

founder, director, creative producer

E-mail: kees@episode-one.com
Mobile: +31 6 53524954

Kees Schaap’s WorkAwards and Nominations

Kees Schaap (1959) has worked as a documentary film maker for broadcasting networks VPRO and NPS, among others. He made the switch to the VARA in 1999, where he spent many years making journalism documentaries for the television program Zembla.
From 2008 onwards, he has focused on creating award-winning documentary series. Kees is a director, and in his role as creative producer he provides guidance with regards to the contents of all Episode One projects.

Joanne 400

Joanne Becker

founder, executive producer

E-mail: joanne@episode-one.com
Mobile: +31 6 18235825

Joanne Becker (1962) has many years of experience designing costumes and sets for theater companies such as Suver Nuver, Waardenberg & De Jong and De Nieuw Amsterdam.  After her work in theater, she was a designer in bridal fashion for ten years. She became a purchasing agent in the clothing industry and founded a company that designs and performs extraordinary and special marriage ceremonies.
At Episode One, Joanne is executive producer and general manager.