Reporters against Power
Episode One / VARA 2016
Original title: De Pen en het Zwaard

Documentary series in 6 episodes, following Fidan Ekiz on her search for journalists that face great personal risks while working in countries where freedom of press is under pressure. Fidan visits Turkey, Colombia, Russia, Myanmar and Uganda.

The series was aired in May and June 2016 by NPO in the Netherlands.

Reporters Against Power is produced for the VARA television, with the support of Free Press Unlimited and the Democracy & Media Foundation.

Reporters against Power was aired by VARA in 2016 and by the Flemish VRT in 2016 and 2017.

The series was nominated for ‘De Tegel 2017’, the Dutch journalism award.

The series is released internationally under the title Reporters Against Power, by First Hand Films Switzerland.

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Episode 1: Turkey
Episode 2: Uganda
Episode 3: Colombia
Episode 4: Myanmar
Episode 5: Russia
Episode 6: Hong Kong

Host: Fidan Ekiz

Director: Kees Schaap

Editor: JP Luijsterburg NCE

Camera: Jan Pieter Tuinstra

Sound: Benny Jansen

Research: Jacqueline Maris, Antoinette de Jong, Adelheid Kaptein, Joost Bosman, Wierd Duk, Nikki van der Westen, Fidan Ekiz, Mathew Hinson Charles, Garrie van Pinxteren, Fred Sengers

Producers: Anja van Oostrom and Joanne Becker

Fotographs: Benny Jansen

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