The Mosqueteers
International trailer

Camera and direction: Kees Schaap

Editor: Floor Rodenburg

Sound: Bouwe Mulder / Bram Meindersma / Mark Schaap

Music: Bram Meindersma

A group of volunteers of the new Morrocan Mosque in Roosendaal in The Netherlands comes up with a bold plan: muslims shouldn’t wait for better times, but instead they should be the ones that build the bridge to the dutch society. They organize all kinds of activities but luck is not on their side. Many dutch neighbours are suspicious. And when, after the terrorist attacks in Paris, an attempt is made to set fire to the mosque, despair lurks around the corner. Filmmaker Kees Schaap filmed these mosqueteers for one and a half year, from march 2015 untill september 2016.


The Mosqueteers was nominated in the categorie best documentairy at the ‘TV-Beelden 2017’.

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