The wall
VARA 2014

Documentary series of 6 episodes. During the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Menno Bentveld travels to walls that nowadays still segregate and seperate people. Walls have become the perfect tool to ward off refugees, contraband or war.

In his journeys, Menno visits Belfast, Korea, the Westbank, Slovakia, Western Sahara and Mexico-US.

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Host: Menno Bentveld

Supervising director: Kees Schaap

Director: Floris-Jan van Luyn, Elena Lindemans, Arjanne Laan, Thomas Blom, Heleen Mindera

Editor: Patrick Janssen, Floor Rodenburg

Camera: Jan Pieter Tuinstra, Stef Tijdink, Marc Homs, Onno van der Wal

Sound: Benny Jansen, Bouwe Mulder. Bram Meindersma, Rik Meijer

Research supervisor: Rens Broekhuis

Research: Jacqueline Maris, Rens Broekhuis, Anass Bendrif

Producer: Anja van Oostrom

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