The Doom of the Van Imhoff winner ``de Tegel 2017``

On the 16th of April 2018 the Dutch national journalism prize “De Tegel 2017” is awarded to “The doom of the Van Imhoff” (Episode One/BNNVARA). The series won in the category “feature stories”.

The prize was received by directors Kees Schaap and Foeke de Koe, accompanied by Dick Verkijk. The 88 year old journalist made a reportage about the Van Imhoff drama already in 1964, but this film was banned. The Van Imhoff disaster led to one of the biggest cover-ups in Dutch post-war history.


The jury wrote:

This production is multi-layered: a cover-up story, psychological family drama, historical reconstruction and “whodunit”, all in one. And nevertheless so clear and catchy narrated…magnificent.